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Multi-use Massage Comb

Multi-use Massage Comb

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1. Comfortable Use: Head Massager Works By Mimicking Human Fingers To Help Quickly Reduce Soreness And Stiffness. Massage Stimulation Will Increase Blood Flow To Help Tone And Soften Skin.
2. Waterproof: This Means That You Can Enjoy A Comfortable Scalp Massage In the Shower, And It Is Also Convenient For You To Clean the Head Massager.
3. Ergonomic Design: The head Massage Device Conforms To Ergonomic Design, And Has A Unique Anti-slip Thread, increasing friction So That You Can Better Hold It When
Description Increase Blood Circulation To the Scalp, Boosts Hair Growth, Promote Relaxation, Releasing Stress, And Relieving Sore.

The Battery is not included

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